2015 "Zenith" at Lowlands icw Mau foundation Utrecht

Temporary place to stay and view, designed and for Lowlands Festival 2015. At night this 3 dimensional structure turned into an amazing light experience with video mapping and visuals by Mau Foundation Utrecht

Design and construction
Robbert van der Horst / Vluchtige Bouwwerken
Scaffolding : Stageco
Building Crew
Ronald van der Meije
Ellen Oosten
Wouter Franssen ( WF Facilities)
Nirul Soechitram - NoRulez
Alex Laan
Hester Vogelzang
Kevin Korenhof
Ellen Vogel
Yannick van de Peppel
Mau Foundation Crew:
Daan Kars
Bram Snijders
Daan van Hasselt
Frank Los
Camera & edit:
Jokko Voogt
Frenquency ft. Atactic - Heartless Ones
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